ShowingTeam Story

The ShowingTeam app was inspired and created in August 2020 by three active real estate agents, (also cousins); Sarah Black, Adam Catron, and Seth Catron in Indianapolis, IN.

Sarah Black was wanting to have a baby but was searching for a solution for how to continue growing her successful 16-year-old real estate career while juggling a potentially difficult pregnancy and first time “mommy-ing”. She was trying to avoid building a team as she really did not want to devote time and energy to recruiting and training team members. How could she get her clients into homes if she was also bedridden or needed by her future baby?

Adam Catron had built his 10-year real estate career into a booming thriving business. He had created a team that was successfully selling over 90 homes a year. His team, however, was struggling to keep up with the high demands and speeds of the market. If a buyer needed to get into a home, it needed to happen immediately. This was especially problematic when multiple buyers needed his service at the exact same time but his team members were unavailable. Life had become extremely stressful and exhausting as he and his team lost control of their time to client demands.

Seth Catron was newer to the business with 3 years of experience under his belt. Seth survived his first years in the business by assisting other agents when they needed help. Doing this allowed him to make money (and pay his bills!) while his own real estate business got off the ground. By finding opportunities to help other agents, Seth gained valuable experience while simultaneously, it enabled him to network with other agents. Finding those opportunities though was exceedingly difficult - especially in a pandemic where everyone was working from home.

Though Sarah, Adam, and Seth were all agents, they approached the creation of this app with three unique perspectives. This project became their passion because they themselves all needed it for their own businesses.

The three brainstormed solutions for their problems and the idea for the app was born! They quickly found the very best developer who put their vision to life. Sarah, Adam, and Seth self-funded their endeavor and spent the next 12 months making the app the most intuitive and user-friendly as possible. They pictured themselves using the app; in those high stress situations, where they as agents were being pulled in different directions. They knew, that in those instances, the act of getting help, above all else, had to be easy and with as li\le work as possible. With the guidance and knowledge of a real estate attorney the app was designed to protect agency, brokerages, and users.

In the spring of 2021 the first version of the app was completed, tested, and presented to the leaders of Sarah, Adam, & Seth's brokerage; the FC Tucker Company. The leaders immediately recognized the app as the solution to a very growing problem within the brokerage and acquired the app to launch immediately. The app was launched within the FC Tucker Company the week Sarah's baby was born (whew! Thank goodness!) in June 2021.

For the next 12 months, the FC Tucker Company agents posted/grabbed over 1,430 jobs on the app that represented over $60,000 jobs paid. The app had 65% adoption with FC Tucker by the end of first year! It was truly a win for everyone involved including Sarah, Adam, & Seth who regularly used the app themselves with their own business but also for FC Tucker as they were able to benefit from the app for recruiting and retaining agents. In the Spring of 2022, FC Tucker Company presented the three with an “Innovation Award”, the first of its kind, as recognition for the product.

Since the initial rollout with the FC Tucker Company, ShowingTeam was then acquired and quickly adopted by the agents in the Howard Hanna Company in Ohio as well as Samson Properties in Virginia. ShowingTeam was featured, Summer of 2022, at the prestigious Inman Real Estate Conference in Las Vegas.

Sarah, Seth, and Adam are passionate about sharing this solution to other brokerages. ShowingTeam has been extremely well received by agents across the country who say time and time again how desperately they needed the tool, olen referring to it as a “life saver”.

Sarah, Seth and Adam truly love the idea of helping fellow agents get their lives back and giving brokerages a tool for recruiting, retaining, and training their agents. They still, to this day, regularly meet to continue developing and improving the app.

If your brokerage could use this tool, don't hesitate to contact Sarah, Adam & Seth at: or (317) 366-9405

They'd love to meet you!