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The solution for when an agent can’t be in two places at once. Turn your brokerage into a team.

Showing team is an app for Brokages and Agents. Change your Brokerage into a Team. Put money in the pockets of new agents. Give experience to those who need. Get your showings covered and feel confident they will be taken care of.

I love Showing Team. It is very user friendly. Every time I need assistance an agent responds within minutes. Not only do they provide a great customer service experience for my client, they provided great feedback after the showing. Showing Team is a game changer for an agent that does not work on a team.

Love your platform. It's keeping me busy

The job was picked up in less than a minute and I only gave a two hour window, It was great!! Love having this app!!

This is THE BEST! WOW! I needed help! In very short order, ShowingTeam made it possible for me to connect with a new agent I had never met. I dropped off flyers to him at the corporate office & then off he went to “man” a beautiful inground pool for me during the crowded 1st & 2nd days of showings. (The pool had a cover, but no fence, so we needed to keep it protected & open for the showings). It was no doubt a most unusual request for ShowingTeam, but it solved my dilemma & was tremendously helpful to me! I have already used ShowingTeam several times and am spreading the word about it!

Map Based View

Available jobs appear directly on map.

In app Chat

Make sure the showing agent has the latest information.


Customize your notifications be alerted the second something changes.

Favorites List

Have only the best of the best see your jobs.

ShowingTeam is an app that was created by Realtors®, for Realtors®. The main function of the app is to help busy/experienced agents be more productive and get some of their time back. This app allows for agents to get help with showings, open houses and other random tasks from other agents within their brokerage. This app was also designed to help new agents get experience while simultaneously getting some money in their pocket while they build their own business. Lastly, this app was designed as a retention and recruitment tool for brokerages. Brokerages can offer this tool to their agents who are struggling to keep up with a fast pace/demanding market and give agents the opportunity to get help from their fellow agents without having to start a team. Brokerages who give the gift of this app to their tired & burnt out agents look like heroes in the eyes of those agents!

Agents can post “jobs” when they need help with showings, open houses, or random tasks. Once a job is posted, other agents can see the job on a map or list views and/or can be set up with notifications so they can be alerted when a new job is posted. After an agent grabs a job, they will have the opportunity to message back and forth and see further details for the job.

While the app was designed for agent usage, this was made such that brokerages can provide this to their entire organization. It is a way to connect all offices and agents in a easy to use format. This is the “anti burn out” solution! Agents who need a vacation or struggle balancing home/social life with work will find relief when their entire brokerage is at their fingertips and the stress of needing to be in two places at once is instantly relieved. If your brokerage needs this tool please contact us at Sales@ShowingTeam.com or call at (317) 366-9405.

When an agent posts a job they select how much they are willing to pay for help. The amount to be paid is completely up to the agent posting the job and can range in value.

Payments for jobs completed are handled outside of the app and between the agent posting the job and the agent grabbing the job. When signing up with the app agents select their payment preferences (i.e. cash, check, Venmo, etc), so that once a job is complete the agent who posted the job will see what the other agent’s payment preferences are. Once a job is complete the agent who posted the job will select that the payment has been made and the agent who grabbed the job will confirm through the app that the payment has been received.

There are three types of jobs an agent can post; showing, open house, or miscellaneous. If an agent needs another agent to show homes on their behalf that agent can post the job under “showing” and can list as many homes as needed. If an agent needs another agent to hold their listing open they can post that job under “open house” job type. Last, agents can post a “miscellaneous job” to find help with pretty much anything, (i.e., picking up signs and lockboxes, meeting a contractor at a listing, getting someone to sit in on a closing, etc.). If you need a fellow agent’s help, you can post it!

No, the app is designed to leave the payment amount and how a job is paid completely up to the agent.

When posting a job you can select who you want the job to be visible to. You can select just your office, you can choose multiple offices or post to all offices. You can also create a favorites list of agents you would only like to use, this can be set up in your settings, and then you can post to just people on your “favorites list”. Along with a “favorites list” you can also create as many teams as you would like including a “blocked list” if there are specific agents you do not want to see or have grab your jobs. A “blocked” agent will NEVER see any jobs you posted regardless of who you post it to.

This app is a tool for brokerages and teams to provide for their agents. If you are an agent that needs this service please have your managing broker contact us OR contact us and let us know who we should talk to to get this in your company. We are happy to meet in person or virtually to answer questions or give demo’s on how this app works! You can also contact us to find out which brokerages in your area have this tool. We can be reached at Sales@ShowingTeam.com or called at (317) 366-9405. We look forward to hearing from you!